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How to join a group course: Call or send an email with your phone number. You may begin the class if there are enough students, or, if the class has already started, observe it as a free trial lesson.

How to start a private lesson: Please reserve a one-hour free trial lesson by phone call
0120-398-304 or filling out a trial request form. If there is anything you feel Access Japanese Academy should be made aware of, please let us know or add your comments to the form.

Japanese for Busy People

is, as the title suggests, a concise course for "busy" students who want to learn natural, spoken Japanese as effectively as possible in a limited amount of time. Three main texts--Japanese for Busy People I, Japanese for Busy People II, and Japanese for Busy People Ill--with related workbooks, cassette tapes, CDs, and videos make up this fully integrated three-level series. At each level, enough vocabulary and grammar has been provided to enable the learner to communicate in uncomplicated aduk language without having to memorize excessive amounts of vocabulary and language patterns that are not immediately useful.

Japanese for Busy People I (beginner level)The first level introduces the basic sentence patterns and expressions that may be called "survival Japanese for adults" in real-life situations. As well as greetings and other basic formulas required for simple social interaction, leamers are provided with all the necessary structures and vocabulary for everyday activities such as shopping, using public transport, and ordering a meal in a restaurant. Special care has been taken to limit vocabulary to only the most useful and frequently used words and expressions. Students are taught what they need to say rather than simply developing passive comprehension skills.
Objectives:Acquiring the absolute minimum of Japanese language ability necessary to live in Japan
Expressions: Requests, invitations, prohibitions, asking for permission, expressing desires
Skills: Speaking
Vocabulary:Approximately 732 words

(romanized with
kana)¥ 2,900

(kana with
no romanization)


Compact Discs

Japanese for Busy People II (Low-intermediate level)
The second level aims to make students linguistically capable of dealing with many private and professional situations that an adult is likely to encounter.
Objectives: Developing the ability to speak about everyday matters with relative fluency and confidence. Acquiring more vocabulary. Developing comprehension skills. Forms & Patterns: Relative clauses, potential, noun phrases, conjugation of verbs, conjunctions, connectives
Expressions:Time, changes, reported speech, stating reasons, conditions
Skills:Reading, listening, speaking (particularly giving explanations)
Script:Kana, kanji (123 characters), romaji
Vocabulary:Approximately 1023 words

with kana)

Kana Version
(kana with no romanization)


VHS tapes
Compact Discs
Japanese for Busy People III (High-intermediate level)
The third level focuses on sentence pattems that add nuance and degree to expressions and the different speech levels--that change according to who is speaking to whom--used in everyday Japanese. Students learn how to choose the most suitable expressions and the most suitable speech level for a variety of different situations.
Developing "language sense" to the point where students can adapt their Japanese to various different situations.
Forms & Patterns: Passive, causative, polite language
Conjectures, hearsay, comparisons, the language of giving and receiving Situations: Everyday situations, topics relating to culture, customs, and social life
Reading, listening, speaking, writing Lessons:20
Approximately 866 words

with kana)

Kana Version



Compact Discs ¥6,900

MINNA no NIHONGO will enable the general adult learner to make simple conversation (Minna no Nihongo I) or more advanced conversation (Minna no Nihongo II) in daily life situations. Through accumulated study, the learner will build up and develop his/her basic speaking ability. The learning materials consist of a Main Text, a Translation and Grammar Text.

Minna no Nihongo I (beginner level) is aimed at anyone who urgently needs to learn to communicate in Japanese in any situation, whether at work, school, college or in their local community. Although it is an introductory text, efforts ahve been made to make the exchanges between Japanese and foreign characters in the book reflect Japanese social conditions and everyday life as faithfully as possible. While it is intended principally for those who have already left full-time education, it can also be recommended as an excellennt textbook for university entrance courses as well as short-term intensive courses at technical colleges and universities.

Text I (Beginner)
(kana )

Text I (Beginner)
with kana )

Translation & Grammatical Notices I ¥ 2,000

Text II

Cassette Tapes

Translation & Grammatical Notices II
¥ 2,000

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