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Lessons at your office / home - Private(one to one) and Semi-Private Lessons at your office / home
- Group Lessons at your office / home(3-5 people)
- Cancellation
- Lesson Objectives

Lesson hours@your home/ office:8:00 a.m.-9:30 p.m. (Mon-Sun)
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 Private Lessons (one to one) at your home or office
 Semi-Private(two persons) Lessons with your friend or family

Registration fee:
¥ 10000 

Lesson Hour(s)
Lesson Fees
(tax excluded)
Lesson Fees (including 5% tax)

  Group Lessons (3-5 people) with your friend or family

Lesson Hour(s)
Lesson Fees
(tax excluded)
Lesson Fees (including 5% tax)

*6 students or more, please contact 03-3983-9037(Sato)
* Textbook charges are not included in the tuition price.

Transportation fee: included in the tuition price.

Payment: The initial payment should be made in cash or by bank transfer before the start of your course.

*If your company pays your tuition, monthly payments are acceptable. Please contact us.


Students will not be charged if cancellations are made prior to 15:00 on the business day previous to the scheduled class.
For Saturday, Sunday and Monday classes, cancellations should be made before 15:00 Friday evening.
On national holidays, cancellations should be made before 15:00 on the day before the national holiday.

* If they fail to cancel on time, students are expected to pay their full lesson charge.

Access Japanese Academy reserves the right to re-assign teachers in the event of long-term absences or frequent cancellations.

Lesson Objectives
DAILY CONVERSATION (Beginner, Low-Intermediate& High-Intermediate)
Learn essential, natural, spoken Japanese in a limited amount of time. You are encouraged to speak as much as possible in class, personalize the language you learn, and make use of your own knowledge and experiences. If you want to develop reading/writing skills, you can begin by completely internalizing 5 hiragana/katakana through our visual method in 10 minutes!
(open a new small window).
Learn survival-level Japanese for a selected situation after just 90 minutes of study. Lessons are based on particular conversational situations, such as shopping, taking a taxi, activities at the post office, asking for directions, ordering at a restaurant, asking for the time and expressing your physical condition at the hospital.
The test has four different levels and is made up of three sections: writing-vocabulary; listening; reading-grammar. The syllabus for this exam is clearly defined. It is very helpful to study past exam papers to determine your current ability and weaknesses . Focus on weak areas to improve your overall score. (open a new small window)
Learn conversational expressions that are used by business people in actual business situations.
Sample program: As business Japanese can be broken down into two basic kinds of situations, namely shanai (at your company) and shagai (at another company). Students have the option of focusing on one only or both areas of study.
Example situations: INTRODUCTION (at a reception desk, introducing yourself at a new office, introducing yourself to people from other companies), GREETINGS (arriving at work, leaving work, meeting after a long time, returning to work after an absence, exchanging greetings with a customer...)
Comprehension of radio and television broadcasts / Reading newspaper and magazine articles / Mastering technical terms and jargon specific to your professional field / Studying and reviewing materials you deal with at work, such as business documents, articles, papers, etc. / Intensive work on job-specific projects such as speeches, reports and work- related negotiations.
for more information: 03-3983-9037(Sato ) / Inquiry form / e-mail
Sorry, but we do not provide student visas.
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