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A re you serious about learning or improving your Japanese? You've come to the right place!!!

O ur Japanese teachers have flexible schedules and can teach at either your office or home, which is very helpful for people with children (service area: Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa). Canceling or rescheduling lessons is also easy, we only ask that you give us 24 hours prior notice. And if studying at your home or office is inconvenient, relax and enjoy a cup of tea during your lesson at the Access Japanese Ikebukuro and Shibuya offices.

In class, you are encouraged to speak as much as possible, personalize the language you learn, and incorporate your own knowledge and experiences. Our teachers are qualified professionals with an abundance of educational materials at their disposal (books, photocopies, cassettes, CDs and computers). Also, if you want to develop reading/writing skills, you can begin by completely internalizing 5 hiragana/katakana in 10 minutes. Our visual method will help make the painful learning process great fun.

nline support!
To help you retain the information presented in each lesson and to improve your overall Japanese ability, your lesson record is accessable on our website after each lesson. Upon logging in, your teacher will have submitted review material that will include each lesson's relevant vocabulary, sentence patterns or expressions, important grammar points, homework, advice and/or supplementary activities. All courses except for group lessons at AJA offices include this support.
Most of our clients come recommended by former participants who have appreciated our commitment to excellence.

Student recommendation ACCESS JAPANESE really helped me get a handle on my everyday Japanese speaking ability. Extremely comprehensive materials were used to present lessons that were always professional yet enjoyable. Unlike my experiences at other schools I began to see results right away and, for once, feel confident about using newly learned structures and vocabulary. I'd recommend ACCESS JAPANESE to anyone seeking an effective method of learning practical Japanese quickly and at a great value.
Scott Marshall -financial consultant

ACCESS JAPANESE was a valuable learning experience that gave my Japanese skills a boost. Private lessons with experienced instructor enabled me to focus on the areas that I felt needed the most work. During every class, my instructor provided me with a wide variety of stimulating materials. Most importantly, they were tailored specifically to my personal needs, and whether we were practicing grammar exercises or discussing current social issues about Japan, I always felt encouraged to particiate actively in the lesson. Access Japanese in Shibuya is also really convenient. It's only a few minutes away from the station and class times are available 7 days a week. I was pleased that I could study on Saturdays and Sundays as well. If you are serious about taking your Japanese to the next level, then I would recommend ACCESS JAPANESE.
Greg Naito - Professor at Bunri University

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This casual form is used between friends, family members, co-workers and by superiors to subordinates.

  Ohayoo gozaimasu The polite form is used in formal situations.

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